SMD-LED Testing solutions 

 In the production of LED,Its consistency by chip and encapsulation of factor change also can not meet use demand,So after LED encapsulation  there is a action of classification.System architecture is the circular plate with parallel vibration track vibration is responsible for the feeding,Suction nozzle send LED to the turntable,through the test stand measurement photoelectric properties,According to the voltage, the brightness of the LED light-emitting diode, the leakage value, such as wavelength apart,into different Bin Code,go through the points of material body LED belongs to the blanking box. The industry known as "light",More than that under the condition of light detection performance data complete classification used in order to achieve the consistency requirements.

Xuanshuo undertake independent research and development of photoelectric for patch of light emitting diode luminescence performance test classification of automatic machine,use PLC system,through the touch screen and human-computer interface to achieve automatic mechanism control is simple, easy to operate. Its principle is to patch type LED components from vibration plate transferred to dial photoelectric detection performance.After the completion of the test according to the different parameters will LED component classification bin bin 132 or 132 collection box.

SMD-LED Taping Solutions 

Before the LED is patched,we need to check the LED, unified direction,And packaged in braid,after braid LED particles through feeder will LED raw materials supply for PCB SMT SMT placement machine.Its basic structure is composed of a set of circular vibration plate and a set of parallel track vibration is responsible for feeding,by special suckers again to send SMD sequence to a test stand,through the polarity judgment after will be packed the SMD rotation to the same direction,can also cooperate with blending detector apparatus in electrical, brightness, wavelength detector,blow the unqualified SMD into waste box,qualified SMD sequence into the take-up and finished packing.

Xuanshuo manufacturing master the core technology of spectral machine, braiding machine, we will follow the pace of market development,research marketable products,consolidate the leading position in the industry.

Xuanshuo thinks of the client thinks, the anxious customer anxious, to better improve the automation and intelligent system, the latest solution comprehensive upgrade of the system architecture, please expect!

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