Intelligent automatic stamping

Most of the shell of lamps and lanterns, hardware devices, etc to stamping forming,manipulator can be done automatically according to the process of primary rules,objects can be automatically picking up and shipping.In the stamping production,it is not only used in a pressure fluctuation is expected to work on board,to realize the automatic single machine,also can be used in composed of a number of press with running water production line,implement the press between work-piece

automatic transmission,forming the automatic stamping production line.

Tamping manipulator can replace artificial,reduce labor costs,reduce staff turnover brings to the enterprise.And stamping manipulator can be used in the lamps and lanterns industry not only, more can be used in automotive, hardware, household appliances industry and for each need stamping forming of the process.

Xuanshuo thinks of the client thinks, the anxious customer anxious, to better improve the automation and intelligent system, the latest solution comprehensive upgrade of the system architecture, please expect!

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