【Starting Point Tripod Award】XuanShuo Winning
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/12/30

December 27-28, 2017, from the starting point of research, lithium big data, the beginning of electric network hosting the "2017APEC new energy vehicles & lithium battery leader summit and the third starting point Jinding Prize Presentation Ceremony" in Shenzhen Crowne Plaza Pearl River Poly Dragon Hall is held.More than 1,000 from all walks of business executives gathered here, Exploring new modes of cooperation, strengthening the deep integration of the new energy automobile industry chain and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

On the morning of December 28, Mr. Ran Zhenwei, Sales Director of Hyun Soochow Li-Ion Division, gave a keynote speech entitled "PACK Intelligence and EMS Integration of Power Battery".In his speech, Mr. Ran Zhenwei introduced the company background and company development of Xuan Shuo Zhi Zhi, so that everyone could have a deeper understanding of Xuan Shuo Zhi Zhi.Mr. Ran Zhenwei also shared the development trend of China's lithium battery manufacturing industry as well as the intelligent solution of Xuan Shuo Zhi Zhi, explaining in detail the structure and function of Xuan Shuo Zhi Zhi PACK line, and the scene applause.

At 11 am, Mr. Ran Zhenwei participated in a roundtable chaired by the General Motors Group Leiyong Jun of the Yangtze River Motor Group. The meeting discussed the future development trend of lithium batteries.

At the dinner stage on the 28th, the "Golden Tripod Award" of 2017, the highest award of China's new energy automotive industry chain, was officially announced. Xuan Shuo Chi won the "2017 China Power lithium battery PACK equipment ten brands" title of the enterprise, Mr. Ran Zhenwei came to collect the trophy.

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