【LED Gaogong Golden Globe】Xuanshuo intelligent award-winning
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/12/29

On December 22, 2017 LED Gaogong Annual Meeting was held in Shenzhen Baoan Dunhill International Hotel. The annual conference is to create a year-end gala featuring the theme of "Seeing from the softness of smoke and eliminating new opportunities".

2017 LED Golden Globe Awards Ceremony kicked off at 18:30. After the host's opening, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei delivered a speech and the award ceremony officially started. Xuanshuo won three awards, namely: 2017 Innovative Products Award - automated production line, the 2017 supply chain customers trust brand - equipment and 2017 Innovative Technology Award - equipment. Xuanshuo Marketing Manager Miss Zhou Shihua accept the award.

2017 Lighting Products Evaluation Award-LED Bulb, 2017 Lighting Products Evaluation Award-LED Spotlight, LED Lighting Products Review 2017-LED Downlight, 2017 Lighting Product Evaluation Award-LED Filament Light Four Awards Shuo Chi Chairman Zhao Yutao presented awards. Mr. Zhao Yutao announced the awards, a simple speech and a photo taken with the award-winning business representatives.

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