【Important Information】Zhengye Technology Held The Second-Time Pioneer Mobilization Meeting
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/10/09

In response to the “Second-Time Pioneer”strategic plan put forwards by chairman Xu during the 39th week the president's office meeting, unify all staff thinking and clarify their mission and responsibilities. On October 9th, Guangdong Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd.(Stock code:300410) officially held the second-time pioneer mobilization meeting.  

 ▲  Mobilization Meeting Site

Zhengye Technology Chairman Xu Dihua, Vice President Xu Guofeng, Vice President Xu Diming, Technical Director Mei Lingliang, Marketing Director Xu Tong, Chief Financial Officer Wen Yongzhong, Secretary of the Board Director Wang Wei, Director of Risk Control Chen Boping, Director of Supply Chain Wu Guofang, Management Director Huang Honghui, General Manager of Lithium Division Fan Bin, General Manager of PCB Department Jiang Zhisheng, General Manager of Laser Business Division Lin Ke, Dongguan Gaobu branch company Director Gui Lijia, and other senior leadership for various departments and relevant core staff attended the meeting.

▲  The Meeting Begins With the Song of Zhengye

▲  Chairman Xu Dihua Gave an Important Speech

Marketing Director Xu Tong as the host of the meeting, he introduced the purpose of the second-time pioneer of Zhengye Technology. He mentioned that our country is in transition and industry is reforming. To intelligent manufacturing new industrial revolution, Zhengye Technology need to start again, to regain the passion and fighting spirit.

▲  Chairman Xu Dihua Gave an Important Speech

Chairman Xu Dihua delivered an important speech at the meeting. He said that Zhengye Technology is on the road of intelligent transformation with great competition. But some colleagues have forgotten the hardships, so it is very necessary to carry out "second-time pioneer" .
He stressed that the second-time pioneer is a brand built, all needs to have zero mentality to regain the entrepreneurial passion and spirit. At the same time, the company will industry from manufacturing enterprises into a leading technology trend in the field of intelligent manufacturing, a platform for enterprises to lead the new business model.So that employees to maximize the value of the individual in the industry on this platform, let the second-time pioneer from the slogan landed to the effect.
Finally, he encouraged Zhengye staff with "big platform, big stage, big development". All Zhengye staff would devote themselves into company's second pioneer with full enthusiasm and play their ability and cleverness to fight a new world.

▲  The Staff is Listening to Chairman Xu’s Speech

▲  Launch Ceremony

Chairman Xu’s wonderful speech lit entrepreneurial passion. Under industry executives and the elite of the witness, Chairman Xu, Vice President Xu Guofeng, Vice President Xu Diming, Director of Technology Mei Lingliang,Marketing Director Xu Tong press the start ball together. It has officially sounded the horn of the second-time pioneer.

▲  Group Photo after Meeting

Brief introduction of Zhengye Technology platform enterprise

Zhengye Technology platform enterprise, each branch company, division of integrated intelligence information exchange platform, operation management platform of digital, intelligent manufacturing platform is the integration of the business flow, capital flow, information flow, logistics, fully compatible with ecological system platform. This platform will have the resources to integrate and optimize the shunt. In this platform, and realize the internal life and growth in nature of survival of the fittest, so as to attract more outstanding enterprises and individuals through this platform to realize the occupation and career aspirations.
At present, Zhengye Technology already has a prototype platform for enterprises, currently has 3 departments, 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 1 holding companies, 1 branches, one office, distribution in PCB, lithium, laser, LED, LCD module, welding automation, multiple MES systems industry and other fields.

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