"Hyun Shuoshi made" layout LED packaging production line intelligent factory, you read it?
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/06/10

June 10, 2017, Guangzhou International Lighting Fair over the same period, the high industry media summit "stand in the new industry starting point" in the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou successfully held, Hyun Shuoshuo sharing topics "LED packaging production line intelligent factory "

"Hyun-chi-chi made" sub-light with the cause of the director Tao Dahu

Intelligent factory production line covers solid crystal, dehumidification, plasma cleaning, wire, dispensing, baking and many other production processes, with six-axis robot to achieve the process of moving the box.

Intelligent factory real to the enterprise to save all kinds of costs

大家感興趣的朋友,請移步至琶洲會展中心1.1 D15展館,現場會有更大的驚喜在等您哦!

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