[Light Asia Exhibition Day] Hyun Shuo "wisdom" development!
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/06/09

June 9, light Asia Exhibition grand opening. Hyun Saozhi made an old friend, with a new face and everyone in the Hall of the D15 Hall. Hyun Shuo exhibition hall to red-based color, a symbol of Hyun Shuo product quality booming, the customer is still warm like fire。

This exhibition, we brought the 1010 glass bottom measuring machine, 0909 disc tape machine, high-speed splitter, multi-function double-chip placement machine, single-chip placement machine and dual-plate lamp assembly machine six products. From the front of the LED to the application are involved.

The show scene is full of people, many viewers stop our products to watch. Among them, foreign friends is a warm consultation, and that there is a willingness to further exchange cooperation.

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