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Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/05/28

Dragon Boat Festival is one of our ancient traditional festivals, began in China's Spring and Autumn Period, has been 2,000 years of history.

In order to enrich the family life of the family, in this special day feel the atmosphere of the festival. May 28, 2017, held in the company downstairs "thousands of dumplings feast" activities, activities for everyone to prepare the fruit, soy milk, duck eggs and dumplings.

Hyun handsome people came to the scene one after another, we gathered together to share the joy of the festival.

Dragon Boat Festival in the summer, when the Qing complex long. The traditional festivals of the motherland will flourish forever. Regardless of old age, the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival, Hyun Shuo's family, will never let go!
Wish the family Duanlong Ankang!

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