[Xuanshuo reported] Xuanshuo won the “fourth China LED first prize” technology innovation 30 strong enterprises!
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/04/22

April 22, by the China Illuminating Engineering Institute of semiconductor lighting technology and application of professional committees and the daily LED media hosted the fourth China LED first prize awards ceremony held in Zhongshan Xiaolan, the national LED industry 300 leaders, experts and scholars, Business representatives attended the meeting, from all corners of the globe industry colleagues together.




Xuanshuo company won the "fourth China LED first prize" technology innovation 30 strong enterprises, is the industry on the Xuanshuo great recognition and encouragement.



It is reported that China's LED first prize is the national technology innovation in the field of national awards, as the only one technology-oriented innovation of the selection activities, China's LED first prize since its inception, it has been well-known domestic enterprises to participate. Tang Guoqing, director of the semi-special committee of the China Illuminating Engineering Association, introduced the purpose of the establishment of the award is to hope that enterprises in the development of attention to innovation, positive innovation, because innovation is the source of enterprise development.


Compared to the previous three, this year's first prize selection is the biggest change is the introduction of the "top 30 enterprises in technological innovation", "new three board 30 strong enterprises." It is worth mentioning that this year's top 30 enterprises will also score on the enterprise technical indicators, the patent has become an important assessment indicators.


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