[Golden Rooster spring to start] Xuanshuo photoelectric sail sail!
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/02/08

Golden Rooster Primula, Vientiane update. February 4, New Year's Day, in accordance with the previous year's start practice, 9Am, the whole Xuanshuo photoelectric all colleagues together, take the green road, red envelopes, highlight the dynamic team, passion Xuanshuo spirit.

In the afternoon, the company all colleagues to participate in the first meeting of the New Year, chairman Zhao Yutao, work done in 2017, the face of opportunities and challenges full of 2017, long way to go, profound knowledge, head forward a new journey. There is nothing difficult to stop us from moving forward, because we have a goal in the right direction, and we have always been there to support our partners.

2017, Xuanshuo photoelectric will be a new attitude, more full of enthusiasm, to meet the challenges, write legend! Is willing to work together with you, roll up the sleeves refueling dry!

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