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Xuanshuo Dynamic|2017/01/07

January 5-6 , 2017, Gaogong LED Annual Conference ? Golden Globe Award Ceremony and High Industrial Research Institute (2006-2016) the tenth anniversary of the ceremony in Shenzhen Shajing Venus Royal Hotel was held. Activities at the scene, LED industry leaders gathered, stars shine.

Xuanshuo optoelectronic in this event won the "Innovation Product of the Year", "the annual customer trust brand" two awards!

In the afternoon of January 5 by the Xuanshuo optical name of the "package of the next technical battle" special forum, chairman of Zhao Yu Tao issued a "LED packaging automation equipment, the future of the road" keynote speech.

Zhao Yutao said, LED industry after decades of rapid development, existing technology and manufacturing model has been unable to meet the needs of industry development. In the market to further enhance the degree of concentration, equipment, domestic rate of 95% today, Xuanshuo photoelectric will work with customers to strategic cooperation Baotuan development, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of intelligent equipment, intelligent production line gradually replace the traditional stand-alone.

Faced with new challenges, Xuanshuo will move forward.

Xuanshuo photoelectric set up a division with the cause of the Department, the Department of non-standard automation, intelligent complete sets of equipment division, the Department of lithium battery automation equipment, set up a number of professional R & D team set up offices throughout the country to provide timely after-sales service , The company will eventually build into an industrial automation, intelligent overall solution provider.

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