【News flash】Zhang Zixing, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and his party came to the research work
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2016/10/12

On the morning of October 12, Mr. Zhang Zixing, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Secretary General Liu Yuanfeng, member of the Municipal Party Committee, Optoelectronics, Chairman of the Board, accompanied by Zhao Yutao, in-depth Division I research, detailed understanding of the specific circumstances of development of enterprises and the practical problems facing. Zhang Shuji of the research work, is a great concern and support Xuanshuo, the whole Xuanshuo photoelectric team is encouraged!

In the city, district, the streets under the leadership of care, Xuanshuo team will be more efforts to create conditions to overcome difficulties, and then to a new level, to provide first-class automation equipment and work! I believe Xuanshuo's more beautiful tomorrow!

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