Xuanshuo first session good voice Perfect blossom
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2016/06/19

"Happy work, happy life"--- A long-awaited "Xuanshuo good voice" singing contest was hold on June 18th afternoon in the City-hotel. This competition invited Zou Yunfan, song FuJun teacher, ms Yang Chan as expert judges. All the guests and Xuanshuo rich families together, song came from here, notes from here, the youth from here agitate, dreams set sail from here!

Players with their own unique voice to sing his own style and charm, has won the audience's applause. Their passion float in the sky and soft tactfully, to inspire the hearts of the audience a wonderful song.People are thingking: originally Xuanshuo has large assembly of men of talent, beauties and heroes!

Warm performances to ignite the passion of the audience, wonderful;Champions league, and the finals of the third part is the competition to a climax, who on earth, we are waiting!

After three hours of intense competition, by WeChat public vote for Chen Zhaoxian won "best popularity award" ,Du Hui, Wu Qinglong won the season respectively, second, wang xiaoguang won the championship ,Xuanshuo photoelectric board chairman Mr Zhao Yutao to recognize for the champions league and the bronze awards and contestants, everyone in the face of lens to make this a good moment...

The father loves the warm heart, everywhere for Thanksgiving. Father's day is nearing, Xuanshuo photoelectric wish all the fathers of the world, festival happiness, peace and health!

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