Love in dragon boat festival, soulful in Xuanshuo
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2016/06/08

Green ai suspends door color, wine filled full fragrance. June 9 (fifth lunar month), is the important traditional festival - Dragon Boat Festival in our country. A circulated folk festival of more than two thousand years, the Dragon Boat Festival is one of China's legal holiday, has been listed as world non-material cultural heritage list.


In order to rich Xuanshuo family festival life, feeling happy atmosphere of family reunion, on June 8 morning, the "Xuanshuo photoelectric thousand reed feast to recognize" activities is on-going. Dragon boat season the rain fly, gently numbered plum rain, smiling was on everyone's face, everybody's joy and enthusiasm, everybody together, laughter...

Full of glutinous rice, bead Mimi connected; Piled up pieces of sweet-smelling leaves, layer upon layer; yet the sincere blessing, warm the heart.

Mountains and reed is affection, thousands of reed banquet pay attention.

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