Xuanshuo photoelectric “Bulk chip mounter”win the gols award of “third term China LED
Xuanshuo Dynamic|2016/04/16

On April 15, 2016, the third term China LED pioneering awards ceremony was held in Beijing. once a year, “China LED pioneering” was organizered by SLDA,CSA,Semiconductor lighting technology and application of professional committee of the Chinese illumination acad,in search of China LED the Nobel for the theme, Recognition of outstanding contributions in promoting independent innovation LED related with enterprises and individuals. Xuanshuo Marketing director Mr Qiu-shi zhang was invited to attend the award ceremony and participate in related activities.

In selection of selected 15 China LED the first prize first gold medal, including lattice lighting silicon substrate gallium nitride LED material technology and device, Qingdao Jason deep uv LED products research and development of technology and products, Warom technology GC203 four special lighting products,Xuanshuo photoelectric domestic independent equipment,such as 15 projects won the gold medal.

Xuanshuo bulk chip mouter subverted the traditional SMT process,used the vibration plate to feed,saved braiding process and feida feeding materials and time cost. High-speed mobile module group take group past,Greatly improve the production efficiency, is one of the most popular packaging manufacturer placement machine.The product design also won gold prize industrial design "the red sail award" in 2015, applyed for 4 invention patents.

Countries further incentive "peoples entrepreneurship, innovation", Xuanshuo company has also been actively explore a path of innovation, wiith the best products, the most excellent service feedback our customers, open along with the innovation and the future of China's LED industry.

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